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There are certain struggles in life that only bookworms experience. One day you pick up a book that looks mildly interesting, the next you’re ordering entire series on Amazon and planning on naming your future children things like Peeta and Katniss. Welcome to the bookworm club, my friend. If you have any affinity for book-reading, you’ll identify with some or all of these bookworm lies. I didn’t have to go far to find these examples. Every single one of these is a lie I’ve told myself about reading.

“I’m just going to read one more page.”

Ha. Everyone knows you can’t just stop reading a book in the middle of the chapter.


“I’m just going to finish this chapter.”

A good idea in theory. But also, every chapter ends with a cliffhanger, and don’t you need to find out what’s next?

“If I buy this book, I will definitely read it.”

Okay, okay. So maybe most bookworms have dozens of unread books on their shelves that they haven’t gotten to yet. We’ll get to them eventually, and this looks like a really interesting book.

“I can put this book down anytime I want.”

Seriously. Any time.

“Going to bed at 3 am isn’t that bad. I can make it up tomorrow.”

Everyone does this, right? Being sleep deprived is no big deal. Except for if you didn’t finish your book and stay up just as late the next night.

“Staying up till 4 am will be worth it. I need the closure.”

I mean, closure is pretty important. Plus, if you didn’t stay up late to finish the book, you would probably just stay up late wondering what happens in the book anyways.

“I love the book so I’ll probably like the movie too.”

Spoiler alert: The movie isn’t as good.


“I don’t compare real life people to my book characters. And I certainly don’t find them lacking.”

I think every bookworm is guilty of this.  We look at our bank tellers and wonder why they can’t take us on a rollercoaster in the back to see our money piled up in a secret vault. It can’t be helped. Real life bankers are way less interesting than goblins. — link to harry potter

“It’s totally normal that I sometimes like books more than people.”

Sometimes, the idea of being around people instead of reading a good book sounds so boring.

“I’m not obsessed; it’s just a little guilty pleasure.”

You can probably stop any time you want. Me too.


“I just need some more bookshelves.”

How on earth are you supposed to stop buying books, let alone get rid of the precious few you already have? Clearly more bookshelves is the answer.

“Reading doesn’t ever interfere with my social life.”

You just socialize with the characters in your head instead. It’s fine.

“I’ll get to the end of my TBR list one of these days.”

Nevermind the fact that for every book we finished, two more grow in their place.

“I’m not emotionally traumatized by this book. I’m fine.”

It’s just allergies.

“I can start this series even though not all of the books have come out yet. It won’t haunt me at all.”

Don’t believe it! You will be haunted by that unfinished book series. WHY do authors and publishers do this to us?

“It’s not clutter if it’s a stack of books, right?”

It’s decor. The more books, the fancier the decor. Right?


At the end of the day, though, I don’t think we’d have it any other way. They may be lies, but they’re lies we bookworms want to believe. Once a bookworm, always a bookworm, and we’re not even a little sorry.

Leave a comment and let me know which bookworm lies you’ve told yourself!



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