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I’ve been thinking about habits a lot this week. To be fair, figuring out how to cultivate good habits and rhythms is not usually far from my mind since I feel like I struggle with it more than the average person. I’m always a fan of focusing on progress, but it never hurts to acknowledge where you have room to grow too! So with that in mind, here’s my confession of bad habits that I’m still working on.


I feel like there’s not much that needs to be said about this first one. Flossing is good. Not flossing is bad. Every time I go to the dentist they tell me to floss. It only takes like 30 seconds! Why don’t I do this? I don’t know! But not flossing is definitely one of my bad habits.

Planning my days ahead of time

Being married to a man that loves structure really helps me with this. For some reason, he reacts negatively when I try to cram in three different activities at the last minute (can’t imagine why), so I’m really learning not to do this as much. I’m still not great at planning for my priorities though. Just because I’m not doing so many things last minute doesn’t mean that I’m actually doing the things I care most about.

Putting my clothes away when I change

I leave them in a “neat pile” by the closet. It would probably only take like 30 seconds to hang them or fold them and put them away, but it always feels like too much effort.

Responding to people’s messages

I am probably most ashamed about this one because I think it can be so rude. I always do this thing where I see someone’s message–whether it’s a text or Facebook message or whatever–and I decide I’m going to think for a minute before I respond…. and then I just don’t respond. People probably think I dislike them, but really I just have this mental block about responding to messages. One day I’m going to get better at this!

Sipping on my coffee all day long

It’s not the coffee itself I think is a bad habit, especially since I usually drink it with unsweetened almond milk and no added sugar. But it’s bad for my teeth (and probably my breath) to slowly sip on the heavenly dark brown liquid all day long.

Never watching one tv show

I’m all or nothing when it comes to tv or movies. I wish I could be someone who could just watch one episode every day or two, but I’m not. It’s basically three episodes or bust. So a lot of times I don’t end up watching anything at all because I know once I start, I won’t be able to stop. Unless of course my husband is there to turn off the tv despite my protests. But that’s not really fair to him is it?

Choosing to work out based on my energy levels

A lot of times I choose not to work out because I just feel so wiped out, never mind the fact that exercising boosts your energy. I am probably never going to feel energetic enough to work out. Unless I stop sipping my coffee and drink all three cups all at once. I need to just make sure I always work out in the time that I’ve allotted for it, no matter what I’m feeling.

Waiting for the perfect circumstances

In my pursuit of all things better, sometimes I can take it too far. If it’s gorgeous weather but slightly windy, I’ll say we should wait for that picnic for a better day. But who am I kidding, it’s Oklahoma! It’s always windy. I would love to develop the habit of going for things instead of waiting for the stars to align.

Rationing everything

Seriously, I ration everything like I was raised during the Great Depression. I don’t know why this is since I feel like I wasn’t raised this way. I just love saving money and I hate seeing waste. Couple that with my tendency to wait for the perfect circumstances (see above), and I often wait so long to use my favorite things that I’ve moved on and they’re not even my favorite anymore.

Mindlessly scrolling social media

Would I even be a millennial if I didn’t mention this one? I think that social media is an awesome thing. That needs boundaries. And sometimes I cross those. Scrolling any of the social media sites for too long has this special way of making you feel drained and like you’re not enough. I’m always striving for the perfect balance, but lately I’ve definitely been tipping too far into the bad habit of mindlessly scrolling too much.

Thanks for following along with my confessional! I thought it might be hard to think of 10 bad habits, but they came to me really fast. Leave a comment and let me know what bad habits you struggle with so we can encourage each other! And also so I don’t feel so bad for mine 😉

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